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February 2018  Not Without My Dogter

January 2018 The Wrath of the Honking Dragons

December 2017 Losing the Weight of Excuses

November 2017 Now I Know My ABC's, Next Time Won't You Laugh With Me?

October 2017 How Humor Can Be The Best Treat During Halloween

September 2017 A Closer Look at Words and How They Affect Your Daily Life

August 2017 No is the New Know

July 2017  Can Fear be our Friend?

June 2017 Sunshine, Scoops, and a Rainbow of Laughs

May 2017 Does this Laugh Look Good on Me?

April 2017 The Five Senses of Humor

March 2017 Originality is the Art Behind the Canvas

Feb 2017  What you see is NOT What You Always Get

Jan 2017  Rising Up with HA's

October 2016 Where's the HA?

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