I’m shy.. so how do I? - June 2014

Being shy is something I like to say as a strong personality trait. Shyness, after all can feel just as “loud”, then one who is out spoken, or an extrovert. This can feel as if it’s an obstacle in the work place, especially within pitch presentations, and presenting leadership comfortably.Leveraging our own voices through technique is a necessary tool to turn up that volume button. But tapping into knowing how to engage through the universal language we all know best? The key to all: Humor.

I recently provided a seminar to a well known Gas Company, and had an executive present his memorized speech, he was to give at the annual fundraiser coming up in November. It was ok, it was safe, it was clean, it was memorized. But it wasn’t HIM. After just 2 hours, we had lifted his speech into HIS words, his point of view, his perception, still incorporating the valuable facts, statistics, and information. How did he (Gary) feel after? The smile said all, the interest to want to continue said even more the reaction said all.

And shy no more..